Well 1980 to 1985 was spent boozin, cruzin, & snoozin. Maybe not all of the time, I redid the inside and added things, like refrig, you know for cold drinks. But in the middle of the year I heard about the Lake Michigan Singlehanded Society. Signed up for Spinnaker division.

The race was from Muskegon, MI to round a Mark offshore of Milwaukee, WI about 150 NM.

I did well enough to place 2nd in Div 3 spinnaker. It was a real rush, and I was hooked.

So the Puffin was still competitative. The following year 1986 I signed up for Div 4 non-spin.

So much easier not dealing with the chute... But to make it more fair on the competition I step on the auto-pilot (belt drive), at the start of the race. Now I was really singlehanding. The wind was variable and fog in the morning, made it tough finding the Milwaukee Mark, but I was pumped, just me, the boat, wind and waves, oh yah FOG. The difference between 1st and 26th, 31hr46 min to 55hr43 min. Third in fleet, first in Div 4.

1987 Div 4 non-spinnaker (not a fool) extra belts for auto-pilot and ready to go, Race is mid August and can have fall type weather. The wind was out of the south for the whole race at 20 knots plus and Puffin really dug her shoulder in, I changed the head sail from 150% to the 135% as the wind continued to increase. The advantage I had was a roller furling main. I kept the 135% up. but kept reducing the main sail. Last year I finished in aprox 36 hours, this year was 17 1/2 hours. Fifth in fleet, first in Div 4.

But enough about Racing, I belonged to the JPYC on the south end of Lake Michigan. I served as treasurer for a few years and computerized the Yacht Club, moved up thru the ranks and became commodore in Dec of 1987.

1988 I ran away to Florida, My friend Steve Pettengill went on to sail in the 1988 Carlsberg Single Handed Trans-Alantic Race.  3000 miles, no thanks Stevo.

Dec 1988 Commodore retirement party

Puffin 1988 Lake Michigan

Puffin 1981 Lake Michigan

This is PREP work it is so easy lol.

We did go out day sailing, Oh wait this was a club race, and yes you had to bring the dinghy along

Painting was easy, I got the paint, case of beer and $300, just took an hour, sprayed 3 coats green and 1 clear coat



End of 86 race two jibs and spinnaker on foredeck